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City Clerk
Community Development
Finance Department
Human Resources
Police Department
Residential Handicap Parking Permit Application Packet

City Clerk

Neighborhood Block Club Registration Form - 2017
printer-friendly Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Form
Garage/Yard Sale Application Updated 6/1/16
Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers License Application - Updated 9/2017
Block Club Guide "Getting Started" List Updated  8/30/17
Neighborhood Block Club Registration Form (Application) 9/2017
Request for Parade Application - Revised 8/3/16
Class C Liquor License Application - Updated 2-13-2015
Class E Liquor License Application - Updated 2-13-2015
Revised Liquor License Application as of 12-28-15
Community Development

Animal Licensing & Registration Application - Updated 12/2/15
printer-friendly Landlord Registration Application
printer-friendly Permanent Sign Permit Application
printer-friendly Standards for Variations
printer-friendly Standards for Special Uses
printer-friendly Standards for Text Amendments
printer-friendly Standards for Map Amendments
printer-friendly Taxicab Inpsection Report
printer-friendly TIF Application
printer-friendly Village Properties Sales Initiation Form
printer-friendly Village Properties Sale Principal Profile Form
Escrow Agreement Package (Checklist)
Special Events Application
2017-2018 Flood Control Program
Updated 2018 Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals Application
Right-of-Way Permit
Sales Rental Inspection Request Form
(Certificate of Ordinance Compliance Application)

Building Permit Application
Contractor License Application
2017 Forms/Applications
2017 Business License & Registration Application

Finance Department

printer-friendly Transfer Stamps - 1
printer-friendly Transfer Stamps - 2
printer-friendly Declaration Exemption Form
printer-friendly Water Connection Application
printer-friendly Water-Sewer Application

Human Resources

printer-friendly Employment Application
Village Manager's Office
Multipurpose Building Rental Agreement and Waiver for 200 So. 5th Avenue Building

Police Department

printer-friendly Police Complaint Form
Public Works Departmen t
50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program Application

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